Elevate your life by aligning & magnetizing your desires to you

Elevate your life by aligning & magnetizing your desires to you. 

An 12-week manifestation coaching program to empower you to

I get you.

You’re a visionary destined to live in a way that inspires, empowers and uplifts others.

You’re here to make a huge impact and you’re passionate about serving the world, but you’ve tried so hard to manifest the things you’ve dreamed of and you always seem to come up short.

You want things to feel easier, aligned, and most of all, you want to be deeply fulfilled.


What if instead of wishing and hoping, you could know that without a doubt everything you desire is yours?

What if you could magnetize the things you’ve dreamed about all of your life to you with a proven formula for success?

What if you didn’t have to hustle and struggle to get what you want?

What if you didn’t have to be afraid of what people will think of you?

What if you could master your emotions and not be at the mercy of negative feelings that always seem to creep up and derail your progress?

I've been there. I thought I could manifest by writing affirmations and repeating positive incantations all day long.

I tried to detach but instead found myself obsessing and overthinking about outcomes and what people thought of me.

I read all of the SELF-HELP books and treated The Secret like a bible.

Yet, still, I felt stressed, lost and overwhelmed.

The life I wanted felt so far away.

And no amount of vision boards or Pinterest images helped me get any closer to the life I dreamed of.

Until finally, I stopped doing all of the things that weren’t working and instead immersed myself in a quantum manifestation formula with a proven success record.

You don't have to settle for less than you deserve, feel unworthy, take whatever is thrown your way or do what you've always done.

Once I mastered this:

Now, one year later, I run my dream business and work with soulmate clients from all over the world while working less and making more than I ever did in my full-time job!

This is what's possible when you decide to create your life on your terms through a coaching program like no other.

This is all available to you through conscious manifestation.

Discover new levels of:

  • Self-worth and self-love that’s not attached to outcomes or what others consider “success”
  • Joy, ease and well-being and make that your default state
  • Activate freedom and abundance that comes from living a life you love

All while freeing yourself from your inner self-critic
and the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and fears holding you back.

Sound powerful? Because it is.

Take the leap

Join a sacred, supportive private coaching container to create the life you've dreamed of...

Plus, $200 IN BONUSES

Hi Love! I'm Rosey

Certified Quantum Manifestation Coach to abundant, empowered women who are HERE to ditch self-doubt and live life on their terms. 

Consider me your all things manifestation, alignment and energetic coach to allow you to live the life you’ve been curating on your vision board for far too long.

You deserve to make feeling good your default state, to know exactly how to master your emotions and to accelerate your desires so you’re not in a constant state of hoping and wishing.

I’m here to show you that manifesting is not some buzzword reserved for spiritual buffsit’s a strategy to carefully craft the life you have always wanted. 

True story:

You have the POWER to decide how you want your life to be...

Here's what my clients are saying...

"Working with Rosey was a transformational experience, and here is what sets her apart:
1. Well-structured, amazingly well-designed program that steadily but surely takes through the journey of transformation. Expect big breakthroughs, deep insights and looking deeper inside yourself than you have ever done before.
2. The best part is that she holds you through the process gently but firmly offering her expertise and compassion. I mean this is probably the most high-touch program I have ever seen: Rosey is always there to support you through the transformation even (and especially!) when it doesn't feel easy.
3. She always shows up with the highest possible energy and it's like she lights you up. She has a gift to see the best and the highest in any person and she helps to uncover that and bring to the world.
If you are thinking of working with Rosey, don't waste time! It will be the best transformational experience. But be prepared to be committed and trust the process. It is not an easy journey, but one that is worth taking."
Togzhan Jumagulova
Founder, Oh My Garden!
"You're struggling, exhausted, and last on your priority list. What do you do? See a counselor? Buy new self-help books? See the doctor?

My experience participating in the Conscious Woman Manifesting Coaching Program is that it gets to the heart of it all. It's your re-set and your foundation for a brand new way of being in the world. As a special needs mom with a full-time day job, I'm leaving the program deeply focused on self-awareness, self-love, and my own possibilities. For the first time ever, I genuinely believe deep in my bones that I can bring ease and joy into my life without the default mode of hustling and self-sacrifice. This big shift and sense of personal empowerment is beautifully intoxicating and has a ripple effect on others.

Rosey radiates light and she speaks calmly and confidently. She has your back with tailored guidance and advice for your particular state and current struggles and she champions your big dreams."
Jill Verboven
Communications Professional & Inclusion Advocate
"I have seen Rosey transform her business in the last few years. I knew she was talented but I had no idea it was because she was asking the universe to provide success, happiness, abundance, peace and love. I am happy to say I registered for Rosey's program and she has been coaching me and teaching me so much.

I have experienced some pretty amazing realizations and results. I am able to manifest what I need and want and to be grateful when the universe sends signs and rewards me.

She has taught me that we can create anything and taught me how to let go of limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our dreams. Abundance is everywhere when we are open to accept it. I encourage any entrepreneur to explore this amazing opportunity and to learn from Rosey."'

Vicky Lueke
REALTOR®, eXp Realty

Here's how it works:

The System
Archetypes > Emotional Mastery > Conscious Creation > Embodiment > Action

Here's what you'll master by end of this coaching program:

Take the leap

Join a sacred, supportive coaching container to create the life you've dreamed of...

*Payment plans are available by request. 

Plus, $200 IN BONUSES


How are you different from other manifestation coaches?

I am a certified Quantum Manifestation Coach that received my training and accreditation through Aluna Academy. I not only learned the principles I teach, I also embodied them at such a deep level they revolutionized my life.

Not too long away I was working away in a cubicle, afraid to shine, and spending all of my free time on my side-hustle that resulted in extreme burnout. After applying these principles, I launched a successful copywriting and coaching business, quit my corporate career of 12+ years, started generating real income and got my health back! 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! I have monthly payment plan options available. 

Will I receive personalized support?

Absolutely. I will walk you through every step of the process through supportive coaching calls and private Telegram access. 

Do you offer refunds?

This is for ambitious women and men ready to go all-in with their big dreams and goals—for that reason, there are no refunds. 

Isn't time to create the life you've always dreamed of?

Aluna Academy Certified

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