I See What You’re Hiding Mama

The Strength of Mothers - 1

I see the tired eyes behind the smile.

I see your shoulders slump momentarily with the weight of responsibility.

I see the worries flash across your face.

I see the doubts, fears and uncertainties that swirl around your head.

The ones that make you doubt, question and second-guess your every move.

I see the ache in your heart, wondering who is that you want to be and what it is that you want to do outside of being mom.

I see the constant battle of wanting time for yourself while also wanting to be your kids.

I see the stress that you experience as you shift from mom life, to work, and home again.

The balance you struggle to achieve.

I see the missed workouts, the take out for dinner again, and the third cup of coffee that gets you through the day.

I see the exhaustion you feel when your children are finally in bed, but you find yourself unable to sleep.

I see the guilt you feel wishing you could do more.

I see the voice of the inner critic that echoes in your head and trumpets out your biggest insecurities.

I see your resolution to finally make some time for you, to wake up earlier, to eat more veggies and read that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand.

I see you as you hastily scroll through your social feed bombarded with images of perfect motherhood.

I see you rest your head and wonder.

Am I doing enough?

The question that lingers silently in the air is:

Am I enough?

It’s time for you to know the truth.

The strength of mothers - 2

You are wrapped up in constantly giving, doing, thinking and wondering, that you don’t see it.

You sometimes miss the delight in your child’s voice when you make their favourite food for dinner.

You can’t always feel the love in your partners’s kiss as you both rush off to your busy days.

You don’t see the look of admiration in the stranger’s eyes, that casually says “Your kids are so adorable.”

The awe of friends that often remark, “I don’t know how you do it all.”

The biggest thing you miss is this.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

You are enough.

You’ve stopped seeing how beautiful you are.

How would life be different if you doted on yourself the same way you did your family?

How would it feel to be loved that much?

Because you deserve to be loved that much.

To know that you are precious, cherished and absolutely irreplaceable.

That your voice, your gifts and talents are exactly what this world needs.

You deserve time just for you, to focus on things that bring you joy, to set boundaries on things that don’t.

To set goals that ignite your soul.

To eat well, and nourish that beautiful body of yours that works so hard.

To move, stretch and strengthen the parts of you that carry, and comfort.

To have quiet time to reflect and to nurture your soul.
This time for you won’t magically appear.

You’ll have to make it.

At first, in moments here and there.

Then more regularly as you lavish in the well-being that begins to flow into your mind, body and life.

Slowly, you feel it.

I matter.

Eventually, you’ll believe it.

I matter.

You matter so very much, to the ones that need you most, and to this world.

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